An Interfaith Spiritual Community in the Metaphysical Tradition
Our Mission Statement:
The Takoma Park Chapel is a non-judgmental place of love where all people can feel safe exploring their spirituality. We support the spiritual growth and development of all people and respect all religious and spiritual traditions. We provide ministry and education for our members, friends, and the community through our example and our services, based on spiritual principles.

How to Become a Member:
Benefits of membership include a strengthened bond with a spiritual community; significant discounts on classes, workshops and events,in addition to admission to capacity controlled events; an increase in Chapel funding that needed for the construction of our new sanctuary (one way the bank assesses the Chapel’s creditworthiness is by the number of members); no obligation to leave any other churches or chapels you may be a part of—as an interfaith fellowship, our philosophy is not instead of, but in addition to. To join us, fill out this form and return it to the chapel office. Please contact us with any questions. Constitution By-Laws
Committees and Chapel Involvement
The Chapel has a number of committees that help perform the work of the Chapel and bring you special services and events. We invite and encourage you to become involved in one or more of them.

Beautification This new committee works to create a more beautiful, clean, and functional Chapel space. This includes small and large projects around the Chapel. The Chair is Peggy Kissell. Contact either of them if you would like to help sew, paint, cover, move, clean, etc. Click for more info
The Beautification Committee is chaired by Peggy Kissell. The mission of the Beautification Committee is to provide the Chapel space with the most positive, functional, and spiritual look and feel possible.

The Beautification Committee will keep the current space as beautiful and neat and functional as possible. It will observe the facilities and accruements and organize them and keep them clean or recommend to the Board of Directors when major cleaning is needed. It will help organize the furniture so that it is attractive and functional for services and events held in the Chapel.

The Beautification Committee will help organize the closets so that the various supplies needed by the worship leaders, healers, instructors, and speakers are easily found and readily available.

The Beautification Committee will develop plans for improving the overall look and function of the Chapel. Before making any major changes the committee will submit a plan to the Board for approval. The plan needs to consider the current and future uses of the Chapel and coordinate with the Exhibits Director and the users of the room (such as the healers concerning the healing room). The plan may include:
  • Any changes to the color of any walls or furniture
  • Addition of furniture
  • Removal of current furniture
  • Changes to lamps and lighting
  • Addition of permanent art or decorations
The committee will submit the costs and other information to the Board needed to make an intelligent decision on the plan.

The Beautification Committee will submit the proposed annual costs to the Treasurer in February for inclusion in the annual budget.

The Beautification Committee may provide a report to the Board at its monthly meeting.

Community Service The mission of the Community Service Committee is to identify and assist charitable organizations in the Hillandale community in which the Takoma Park Chapel is located. The Takoma Park Chapel understands and practices the prosperity principle of Divine Flow. We know that which we share comes back to us ten-fold through infinite channels. As a result, we share our well-being with charitable organizations assisting people in need in the local community. For more information, or to volunteer for this Committee, please contact its coordinator Antonia Silvera.

Education The classes, workshops, and seminars conducted at the Chapel are of great importance to its spiritual life and community, but it is a big job to organize, coordinate, and record all the classes. Marsha Jones is the committee chair. Please, talk to her if you are willing and able to serve on this committee. Click for more info
The mission of the committee is to meet the spiritual needs of the Chapel’s members and friends through ongoing classes, workshops, seminars, and training; to promote the spiritual well being and development of the congregation and communities of interest trough a well structured and supported educational program.

Duties include the following:

  • Define the educational needs of the Chapel
  • Find teachers that can support the educational needs of the Chapel
  • Propose these teachers and classes to the Senior Minister
  • Help the Senior Minister schedule classes he has approved
  • Help obtain write up on the class for publication in the newsletter
Preperation for Classes
  • Keep in contact with teachers to exchange the following information
    • Schedule
    • Which room they will be in
    • Time of the events before and after the class that might impact them
    • 25% of income mus be returned to the Chapel
    • Published cost of the class
    • Obtain their signature on education contract
    • Arrange for them to be let into the Chapel
  • Make sure that classes are posted on bulletin boards and announced during Sunday Service
  • Call to remind people who sign up for the class
  • Call the people who signed up for the class if the class is canceled, times changed, date changed, etc.
Conduct of Classes
  • Meet teachers when they arrive
  • Help teachers set up for the class
  • Clean and lock up after the class
  • Keep records of who has attended which classes
  • Prepare certificates for people who have completed the Chapel’s core classes
  • Obtain the Senior Minister’s and President’s signatures on the certificates and arrange for their presentation

Exhibition The mission of the Exhibition Committee is to enhance the spiritual and healing experiences offered in the chapel through organizing and producing exhibitions of original art work that compliment the Chapel’s mission and current agenda. Click for more info
Examples of possible focus include:
  • Sacred images from diverse spiritual traditions (interfaith)
  • Images of healing art (reiki, etc)
  • Feature exhibitions of developed bodies from a single artist of work relevant and appropriate to the setting
  • Juried exhibitions based on themes relevant and appropriate
In addition, members of the Exhibition Committee will be encouraged to create opportunities to bring people into the Chapel for special events related to exhibitions including: opening receptions and related activities (artist’s talks, workshops related to content/themes, etc.) and closing receptions/events; to create art events that will warrant and produce media attention which will increase the visibility of the Chapel in the community (pun intended) in the following ways: press releases, critical reviews, exhibition catalogs; to generate revenues through commissions on sales of art, sales of catalogs or cards, donations at events, fees for workshops or related activities as appropriate, entry fees for juried group exhibitions; to support and encourage the self expression and creativity of Chapel members and friends by providing a venue and opportunities to participate in exhibitions and events.

Exhibitions will rotate and likely not change more than quarterly due to the work and preparation involved.

The Exhibition Committee will coordinate with the Beautification Committee regarding installation needs.

The Exhibition Committee will coordinate with the Hospitality Committee regarding reception planning and clean up.

The Exhibition Committee will report to the Board at scheduled meetings proposing and approving budgets and expenditures in advance, as appropriate.

Greeters This committee of Chapel members help to set up the chapel before each Sunday service and greet people as they arrive. They help by greeting visitors and with the collection. Marvin Bothuel is the chair of the committee and often the first person we see on Sunday mornings. This is a wonderful way for new members to begin to help serve the Chapel.

Hospitality The hospitality committee promotes social interactions at the Chapel. Members will provide snacks after Sunday Services and brunches for special occasions; create an attractive spread and clean up afterward; and may also provide/sponsor snacks or meals for special Chapel events. Deb Thomas is the chair of this committee. Please, support the social life of the Chapel by joining her. Click for more info
The mission of the Hospitality Committee is to encourage fellowship and friendship among the membership and friends who attend the Sunday morning service and special Chapel events by providing food and drink.

Every Sunday morning, the Hospitality Committee will purchase simple brunch-type food and drink. The cost will be no more than $30 per Sunday. It will lay the food out in the classroom in an attractive way and encourage people to partake and enjoy each other. After the people have left, clean up the classroom, remove all food and drink, empty the trash cans, and lock up the Chapel.

Every month on the third Sunday, the committee will purchase a birthday cake to celebrate the members born that month. They will serve it in the classroom and clean up as above.

When the Chapel is having special events, such as the annual General Membership Meeting, the Hospitality Committee will be asked to plan a more substantial brunch. Plans will be submitted to the board meeting before the event for approval before incurring any debt. The Hospitality Committee will set up the food and drink in line with the theme of the special event. The Committee will help in the clean up after the event.

The Hospitality Committee may purpose special events to the board.

Other Committees may ask the Hospitality Committee to support other events in the Chapel.

The Hospitality Committee will provide a report to the board at its monthly meetings.

Newsletter The newsletter is currently being prepared by our Senior Minister Rev Jim Webb and members Felicia Barlow and Tamara Holmes. They could use support in preparing the calendar and checking the information with teachers and speakers, writing articles, preparing art, etc. Contact them if you are interested in helping out.

Worship The worship committee is made up of the worship leaders who make our Sunday Services such unique and wonderful events. Each worship leader is free within some guidelines to bring prayers, music, and other spiritual activities to the service. It is a very creative and fun process. To be a worship leader you are require to attend a four-hour training held periodically. The associate ministers will help you as develop your first Sunday Services. Speak to committee chair, Rev Clarence Campbell, if you wish to serve.

There are other committees we would like to get started soon. These include special events, marketing/advertising, fund raising, etc. If you would like to help start up any of these, please, contact Aurelia Carr-Olverson or Rev Jim Webb.