An Interfaith Spiritual Community in the Metaphysical Tradition
Imagine a place where your beliefs are not only supported, but embraced. Imagine feeling like you have finally found a spiritual home where like-minded individuals can support you in your spiritual journey—the Takoma Park Chapel is such a place.

Takoma Park Chapel is a growing community of individuals interested in spiritual growth and development. This church is growing so rapidly it relocated from the basement of a building in Takoma Park, to a sunny spacious dwelling in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring and presently to 1901 Powder Mill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20903. What began as a small group of people continues to gain momentum and now offers weekly prayer and meditation circles, and a full range of classes and workshops. This in addition to the Sunday Service and Psychic Fairs that the Chapel has offered since 1991. We want to help you experience your spirituality in a deeper way, and practical applications of your spirituality so that you may live with more joy and fulfillment.
What People Are Saying About the Takoma Park Chapel
" The Chapel is home to me. When I walk through the doors my heart is filled with joy and love. I have grown in so many ways, spiritually and mentally. The Chapel is part of me. " A. Sullivan

" For me the Chapel has been a haven of sharing personal spiritual support and Interfaith studies, like-minded companionship, as well as a Live Concert of my favorite Musicians every week! And most precious of all, the Chapel community and Rev. Webb’s classes have nurtured my faith that Divine Love is with us and within us All, everywhere, all the time. " Jane B.

" Takoma Park Chapel has been a home for me the past 14yrs to grow Spiritual with no limits! It is an example to me of God’s love and beauty by being intergenerational and multicultural. Thank you for a safe space to worship and praise! " Cynthia B.

" The many lessons that I’ve learned at the chapel paid off when I applied them in my life. The chapel member’s friendship was priceless to me during this period. The love, prayers and support that I received from family, friends and members of the chapel was the only thing that kept me somewhat sane. " David H.