Sunday Services
The Chapel holds Worship Services at 11:00 AM every Sunday, with Spiritual Healing and Meditation beginning at 10:30 AM at 10,501 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20903. Our services typically last between 60 and 75 Minutes (60 Minutes in the Summer) and often consist of uplifting music, an inspirational message, readings from sacred texts such as the Bible, A Course In Miracles, or other Spiritual texts, and an inspirational message from either our Senior Minister, Rev. Jim Webb, or one our very talented Guest Speakers. Come and experience uplifting music, meditation, prayer and messages designed to touch your heart and uplift your spirit. Make new friends and socialize with “like-minded” individuals. Receive unique spiritual solutions to common daily challenges and make a stronger connection with your higher power. Experience wisdom from various spiritual traditions to heal your heart, mind and soul so that you can face your week. Come Grow With Us!