Class Offerings
FOR A LIST OF CLASS OFFERINGS, CLICK HERE FOR CURRENT CLASSES!! The Chapel Educational Program is designed to provide a structured pathway for you to understand how the grace, healing and transforming power of God can be successfully applied in every aspect of your life to improve your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. These classes are designed to help you improve your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Classes for the Body Classes for the Mind Classes for the Spirit Chapel Certificate Program
Takoma Park offers a Certificate Program. By completing a curriculum of courses you can receive a Certificate in Practical Metaphysics, and by continuing your class work and augmenting it with practical experience and service, you can receive an Advanced Certificate in Metaphysical Practices. This focused, sequential series of courses provides a pathway for you if you want to seriously pursue their metaphysical studies. The path work begins each September and each January. Speak to our Senior Minister Rev Jim Webb about this program.

Listed below are the classes required for completion of the Certificate Program:

Classes for the Mind Classes for the Spirit