Help Support Your Chapel!
The Chapel is a not-for-profit organization that depends on your kindness and generosity to operate, and to build its sanctuary on the site that we purchased at 1901 Powder Mill Road in Silver Spring. Our operating expenses include renting our Sunday Meeting Space, the mortgage and utilities for our meeting space on Powder Mill Road (where our Meditation Circles, Fellowships, and classes and workshops take place. We also pay office workers and offer a stipend (not a living wage) to certain employees. We appreciate any help you can offer to help us to operate so that we can provide the spiritual services that help so many. We are also building our own sanctuary and are gathering the resources to do so. We recently received approval to use the land to build our new sanctuary. We now await a similar approval from the Maryland Park and Planning Commission. However, we must continually raise additional funds to remain eligible for the bank financing that we seek (our current mortgage is under review).Please invite GOD to touch your heart and mind, and the hearts and minds of all who are willing and able to help us expand our resources to raise the funds necessary to manifest this vision. When you feel this grace, then please make a donation.
Reverend Jim
Operating and Capital Projects
We have operating projects, that help us with day-to-day operations, and capital projects funded by our Building Fund.

[New Water Line to Chapel House] We recently had to build a new water line to the Chapel House. The existing water line was only 4 feet deep, but is required by law to be 6 feet deep. Because the line was not deep enough to avoid freezing, the line cracked, flooding the front lawn, causing cars to get stuck in the mud. We had to excavate the existing line, dig deeper and re-connect the water line to the County Water Source. This cost to the Chapel was $4,700. We would appreciate any help that you can offer to help with this effort. [$4,700]

[Flood Damage and Repairs] The Chapel was flooded recently, with 3 feet of water in the basement. The damage was extensive. Although our Insurance covered most of the costs, we incurred many additional expenses, such as hours spent cleaning and re-organizing the Chapel, additional construction expenses, and costs to clear and haul debris. [$5,000] [Matching Challenge] During July, a Chapel Angel has come forward with a Matching Challenge. She will match every donation over $50 to the Chapel, up to $2,500 so please hit the donate now button and send your gift. We appreciate your kindess and generosity [$5,000]