Regular and Currently-Offered Ministries
Goddes Ministry We members of the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel believe in Infinite Intelligence. This Infinite Intelligence is beyond earthly description and understanding-and gender. In our seeking a closer understanding of the Divine and forming a loving and trusting relationship to the Divine, we have studied and revived the worship of the Divine Feminine is Her many forms from around the world and across time. The Divine Feminine, the Ancient Mother, defined, described, and worshiped in many ancient and living religions called to us. During the Goddess Circles we open ourselves to the Divine Feminine. We seek to not just intellectually understand the Infinite Intelligence but to allow Her loving and powerful presence into our lives.

The third Sunday of every month we invite you to join us in honoring the Goddess with traditional and innovative rituals of worship. Rev Cynthia Tootle and Rev. Jane Batt host a Goddess Circle at Rev Tootle’s home at 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. It is seriously fun! Reverend Tootle’s Home is at 756 Silver Spring Ave, Silver Spring MD 20910.
Meditation What would it feel like to embody Peace of Mind, Happiness, Health, Wholeness, Abundance, and Prosperity on a daily basis? What would you give or do to live a life that allows you to live out your greatest possibilities? Would you believe us if I told you there is at least one method guaranteed to bring these qualities into your life? It’s very simple, yet often misunderstood. Meditation: the practice of quieting the mind, stilling the body and inviting a sacred commune with Higher Consciousness. For over 15 years, the Takoma Park Chapel has sponsored a Wednesday Night meditation circle. This wonderful fellowship has helped many to find and nurture a connection with powerful, loving spiritual energy and guidance that has truly changed their lives. The Meditation Circle consists of a period of meditation for about 30 minutes. Then, once the powerful healing energy of meditation is established, prayers are sent into the circle and out to others in two stages. Finally, many in the circle receive messages from Spirit and share these messages with those in the circle.

Consistent with the above, for many the meditation circle calms them, helps them get a perspective on their lives, and fills them with a refreshing, loving energy that gives them the strength and the hope to move through their lives with more ease. This healing energy is just the boost that many need to get them through their week. In addition to this mid-week “boost”, some find the meditation circle as a way to experience and express the connection with Spirit that they have always had. It is a place for this connection to be embraced and nurtured and many feel so loved and nurtured through this connection that they share this love with others in their lives and draw more love to them as a result. Many who develop their spiritual connection at the Wednesday Night meditation circle go on to give messages, mini-readings, or readings at the Chapel as a result of their growth and development. All who develop their spiritual connection in this way benefit greatly from knowing of the presence of spirit in their lives, and all benefit from the guidance that spirit brings.

The Meditation circle also generates healing energy that can be sent to friends, family members and loved ones. For example, the Meditation Circle once sent healing energy to a family member suffering from cancer, and the family member (without knowing what was happening) was taken from pain to a place of ecstasy in a matter of minutes. She then had a sense of peace and courage that she couldn’t describe, but was clear for all to see. This healing energy is available for all who attend this circle, and for their loved ones.

Prayer is another important part of this circle. Prayers that are “sent up” in this powerful environment of loving, healing spiritual energy are quite powerful and effective. Many who have come to this forum to pray have achieved the results they desired more effortlessly than they could have imagined.

This circle is held from 7:00 – 8:30 PM (and includes the healing circle) on Wednesday nights at 1901 Powder Mill Road in Silver Spring MD 20903. There is a suggested donation of $5 per class.

If you’ve experienced this circle before, come back to see how it has evolved. If you’ve not experienced the Wednesday Night meditation circle, prepare to experience a treat that will change your life.
Healing The Sunday Morning Healing and Meditation Service at 10:30 am is free and accessible to anyone who comes. Sit in the front row which is marked and you will be served in turn as time allows. Spiritual Healing or Platform Healing at the Chapel is in the tradition of laying on the hands. Healers open themselves to channel the Divine energy to the receiver. Healers ask permission to channel the energy to the individual as this is the individual’s right to accept or refuse. Healers often ask if the individual has some aspect of their body or life to which s/he would like sent. This helps the receiver to state an intention of healing that aspect during the session.

We also have a weekly healing circle at the Chapel House, 1901 Powder Mill Road, on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm where all healers are invited to share healing and prayers.

Lisa Brooks Thomas is the coordinator of the Healers for the Chapel. They teach the class on healing and arrange for the healers to be available each Sunday. The Takoma Park Chapel Healing Ministry is taught and performed within the guidelines of the United Metaphysical Churches.
Intuitive Messages Our Senior Minister, Rev Jim Webb, has described consciousness as a continuum that stretches from our ordinary everyday waking consciousness, through our dreams, through the realms of the psychic and spiritual, through the realms that we inhabit after death, and finally to God consciousness. With practice, anyone can access any point on this continuum.

At the Takoma Park Chapel, we have a large group of psychics and mediums with years of experience in accessing the realms of the psychic and spiritual to pass on the information there, in the form of intuitive messages or psychic readings, to our congregants and friends. Some Sundays intuitive messages are given during the Sunday Service to demonstrate the power of this channel of information.

The Chapel conducts monthly All Messages Service, in which up to five intuitive messages are given to each attendee. Intuitive messages are short (1 to 3 minutes) focused, clairvoyant communications that usually do not involve more than one Q&A with the person receiving the message. The All Message Services are conducted after the Sunday Services usually on the first Sunday of the Month. (Check the Sunday calendar for time and dates.)

On Sundays when there is no All Messages Service, an intuitive message from one of our talented intuitives is available by sitting in the seats on the far left of the chapel.

Readings, on the other hand, are generally 20 minutes or more in length, may feature things such as Tarot cards, and can involve considerable interaction with the person being read. Short readings are available 3 Sunday a month at the Chapel House after the Sunday Services. There is a donation requested for these readings. See George Neal to sign up.

Readings are also available during the monthly Psychic and Healing Fair. Check schedule for the next fair. In a Psychic and Healing Fair, you can have one or multiple readings from a number of talented intuitive counselors, as well as healing such as Reiki. Each 20 minute session is offered for a suggested donation of $20. Aurelia Carr-Olverson is in charge of the planning of the Psychic and Healing Fair. Check the calendar for dates, times, and sign up procedures.
Morning and Noon Conference Calls Each morning at 7 a.m. the Chapel holds the A Course In Miracles Conference Call. Each day we hear a lesson from A Course In Miracles, have a meditation and discussion based on that lesson, and experience a prayer that solidifies the concepts of the lesson so that we are ready to face our day. This call is a wonderful source of wisdom, healing and guidance for many. The noon prayer and praise calls have become an integral part of many members’ spiritual practice. These 15 minute calls are held at noon each weekday and include a reading from a sacred wisdom text such as “A Course in Miracles,” a brief meditation/contemplation and group prayer, and praise. Many also receive individual support, and make prayer requests of the group. Both calls can be accessed by dialing 1-712-775-7000 X635833#.
Community Services This committee. led by Antonia Silvera, ensures that the Takoma Park Chapel is making a difference in the larger community and the world by developing and implementing Service Projects in our community. Our previous project was to assist those in need within the Montgomery County Community by partnering with Interfaith Works to provide basic needs items during the Christmas season. Interfaith Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency and a non-sectarian interfaith coalition of more than 165 affiliated congregations of diverse faiths, working together to meet the needs of the poor and homeless in Montgomery County, Maryland. Their programs shelter, cloth, and feed our neighbors in need and provide supportive services with the goal of helping them achieve self-sufficiency.
Services and Ministries Provided by Request
Weddings The Ministers of the Chapel will serve you in pre-marital counseling and planning and conducting your wedding. Our ministers are sensitive to issues that arise when planning interfaith ceremonies and understand the importance of making this ceremony inspiring for couples and their families.

Our Senior Minister Rev Jim Webb is experienced in conducting interfaith weddings. Since same-sex marriage became legal in Washington, DC, Rev. Bonnie J. Berger has officiated many weddings.
Spiritual Counseling The Chapel ministers are available for spiritual counseling and support. We can listen to your concerns with compassion. We can help you understand your situation in the light of spiritual principles. We can often help you put your situation in a new light with the spiritual perspective. Our intuitives can channel information from sources beyond this world.

Our Senior Minister is available to members via phone or email during a regular schedule during weekdays and by appointment. Other ministers with a variety of backgrounds are also available. Referrals can be made to our active ministers by contacting the Chapel via phone or email.

Members are entitled to a complimentary 30 minute spiritual counseling/support session as a part of their annual membership renewal, and informal counseling is always available.
Funerals and Memorial Services When a loved one passes, it is a great comfort to gather together to remember and grieve in a spiritual ceremony. Our Senior Minster has helped families of members create unique and fitting farewells for our beloveds who have passed over. These rituals respect the beliefs and traditions of the person who passed and the family members. Members who have been dying have, at times, met with the Senior Minister and helped design their own service and been more peaceful knowing that their families will have the comfort of a service that fits them and their families.
Baptisms and Naming Ceremonies It is with great joy that we welcome children to our community. Our Senior Minister will work with you to design a baptism or naming ceremony that will be meaningful to you and your family. For children of members this may be part of a Sunday Service. For others this may be a private ceremony for family and friends.

For adults, these rituals can also be very meaningful as you make transitions in your life or chose to deepen your commitment to your sacred path. When you have met and studied with our ministers, ask one to help you design this ritual.